The Skate Club Program

Our beginner’s level plan is a step-by-step guide to your lessons and allows for learning street skateboarding, skatepark or both, helping to build skills, balance and confidence at your own pace, while choosing exactly what you want to learn.

Level 1

  • Introduction to skateboarding, equipment and safety
  • Stances, stepping on and off the board
  • Pushing and riding
  • Kick turning and carving

Level 2

  • Pop the board into your hands, cavemaning
  • Improved stationary kick turns, 180 kick turns
  • Improved carving and avoiding obstacles
  • Basic balance tricks
  • Riding off curbs
  • Stopping at speed

Level 3

  • Getting up and dropping off curbs
  • Advanced balance tricks
  • Fakie 180 kick turns, introduction to reverts
  • Rolling up/down quarter pipes and banks
  • Rolling down small banks
  • Fakie 180 kick turns on flatground

Level 4

  • Learning to use reverts to avoid obstacles
  • Improving reverts and increasing speed
  • Introduction to stationary Pop-Shuvits
  • Kick turns on ramps
  • Riding down bigger ramps
  • Basic balance tricks on banks

Level 5

  • Introduction to power slides
  • Stationary Pop-Shuvits
  • Introduction to Ollies
  • Dropping in on various ramps
  • Introduction to intermediate ramp tricks

Level 6

  • Improving power slides
  • Improving Ollies (stationary/moving)
  • Improved Pop-Shuvits (stationary/moving)
  • Rock to Fakies and Axle Stalls
  • Basic grab tricks

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